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My name is Bozena K. Gibbs. I am an Australian citizen of Polish background. I live in the state of Victoria, Australia. My husband’s name is, Geoffrey.

Almost all my life I have been asking questions on subjects: ‘God, Christ and Us’, ‘The soul and its destiny’, and ‘The end of the world’. The religious leaders were unable to answer them satisfactorily. But God did.

Since 1997 I share the knowledge God gives me with the people. Through spoken word, and through my books, booklets, articles and brochures, I bring to them highly beneficial for their souls information. I provide them with clearer interpretation of the metaphorical, prophetic language the Holy Bible is written in and of its factual and fictional stories.

As you can see, my insights into God’s Greatness, which are recorded in my books, are not based on the teachings, practices and traditions of the world religions, sects, cults and the New Age movement. They are original. They are unique, even controversial, for the political and religious correctness is not taken into account.

  • My books reveal who God is, where Heaven is located, who the citizens of Heaven are, and what they do. They speak of God and provide evidence of his existence. They speak of Heaven and the Holy Angels.

  • They reveal what the true beginning of the human race is. They speak of Creation and Resurrection, Life and Death.

  • They reveal what will happen in the years to come. They warn the people of the oncoming Apocalypse.

By revealing that which was hidden from most people for a very long time, [including ‘the Secret of Immortality’], I reveal what ‘the Mystery of God’ is. I also reveal what the Prophecy of the Holy Bible relating to ‘the end of time’, means.

The Truth takes a long time ‘to put the shoes on’, but because the Truth is ‘the Light of God’ it ‘travels very fast’. Already many people who read my books understand the meaning of the metaphorical expressions, for example: ‘Christ is coming’, ‘the sound of trumpets’, and ‘the clouds of Glory’.

Writing on spiritual subjects, on the mind matters which concern us all, and promoting God’s authentic message, is my voluntary work, not for profit ministry.

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You are welcome to share my books with other people who like you seek God, provided the pages which have my name, my address, and ISBN number, are included. Those books are subject to copyright. They cannot be charged for, and information contained in them cannot be included in books and other media which promote beliefs contrary to those presented in my books.

If you would like to have more information on what’s in my books, please go to my promotional website pages: “For the Love of Mankind” and “The Prophets of God Know”.