God Is Good

This website is dedicated to people who want to have perfect peace of mind, happiness, security, and immortality.

My books in plain English answer many questions, including: What do we live for? Is there a reason for living? Why is there crime and violence on our streets and in our households? Why do so many people abuse their bodies by taking illegal drugs?

These days most people behave badly, because they have forgotten their Creator. Some may have never heard who God is and what God teaches. Others claim that he does not exist.

If they knew the God of Creation and his instructions for Life they would be wise and happy souls. They would never harm or hurt themselves and other people.

People can have peace of mind, that wonderful, peaceful state of mind which words cannot describe and drugs cannot bring on. They can have it, providing they seek God and find him.

My books introduce people to God, Christ, Heaven and Eternal Life. They provide information, the moral and ethical education which the world cannot provide.

By revealing to the people who God is, where Heaven is located and how to get there, I reveal the Mystery of God. It is a Revelation which should not be treated lightly.

I have no hidden agendas and no ulterior motives in promoting what I believe. I have never asked people to join any religion, sect, cult, or the New Age movement. No! I did no such thing. All I wanted and still want people to do is:

  • Remember that IT IS UP TO THEM to decide what kind of people they want to be. 

  • Remember that IT IS UP TO THEM to want [or not to want] to be in search of God and his instructions for Life. 

  • Remember that the actions of our society depend entirely on what kind of information they store within their minds and what kind of information [supported by behavioural example] they pass on to the younger generation. 
These are my most recent books:


These books are allowed to be copied to your computer, 
CD, or USB, for your personal study.

You may share the books with other people, who like you seek God, provided my copyright as a writer is respected and the books not charged for. Freely you have received, freely give. 

If you would like to have more information on what’s in my books, go to my promotional pages, “For the Love of Mankind” and “The Prophets of God know”.