Authentic Christian Faith
My work is an INDEPENDENT from all world religions, sects,
cults, and the New Age movement, not for profit ministry.
My insights are ORIGINAL. And, my e-books are FREE OF CHARGE.

I am NOT [my website is NOT] on FaceBook, Twitter, or any other social network. I can be contacted by mail only.

I invite you today to read my books. They speak of God, Christ, Heaven and Eternal Life. In plain English they answer correctly many questions which no doubt you have been asking your entire life. For example: 

Is there a God?

According to scientists, the human body, weather system, and our solar system are complicated machines. Learn who made such machines and who maintains them. 

Are we all immortal souls?

The answer is: No. Not all of us are immortal souls. Our present state and our future depend on whom we believe and worship. If you want to be in Heaven, find out first who the King of Heaven is, where Heaven is located and what is expected of its citizens, so that you may be found ready, prepared for Heaven’s duties when your time in physical flesh is up.
Why is there so much crime and violence on our streets
and in our households?
Adults expect children to behave themselves, but they excuse themselves from being ‘the Good’ role models for them. Tell me, who is able these days to teach children by words and practical example, high moral standards, ethical values and courtesy? Are you able to do it?


God’s message of Salvation from Eternal Death [from extinction] is wonderful news,This is the authentic God’s Gospel Jesus Christ knew, lived by, taught and proved by his resurrection to be true.


By revealing to you who God is, I reveal where Heaven is located and how to get there, It is ‘the end of time God given revelation’ which should not be treated lightly.

The time has come for you to ask yourself and answer this question: Do I WANT to believe the King of Heaven and live eternally?    

You see, no one can answer this question for you, but YOU. The decision is entirely YOURS, either to read my books, or not to read them, either to ‘walk the Path of Life’, or ‘not to walk it’.

As for me, I want to inherit Eternity. Because I want to be released from my ‘coats of skins’ and to live forever in the state of Heaven, that blissful, full of peace and joy kingdom of God, I will continue ‘to grow in the knowledge of God’. I will continue to bring forth from my heart ‘the fruit of God’s Spirit’, such as, kindness, compassion, consideration, mercy, forgiveness, gratitude and others. I will continue to be ‘in the Service of the Lord God’, a messenger of the authentic Gospel of God’s kingdom of Heaven and of Eternal Life. 
Because I have no ulterior motives and no hidden agendas 
in promoting that which is true – authentic, 
my e-books are allowed to be copied to your computer, 
CD, or USB, for your personal study, absolutely  


You may share the books with other people who like you seek God, provided my copyright as a writer is respected, the books’ contents not promoted in conjunction with other [counterfeit] teachings, and the books not charged for. Freely you have received, freely give.