Authentic Christian Faith

Welcome to my website.

My name is Bozena K. Gibbs. I write on spiritual subjects.

In my books I speak of God, Christ and the Holy Angels.
In my books I speak of Creation, Resurrection, Life and Death

The e-books are FREE of CHARGE.

Almost all my life I have been asking questions on subjects: ‘God, Christ and Us’, ‘The soul and its destiny’, and ‘The end of the world’. The religious leaders were unable to answer them satisfactorily. But God did.

Since 1997 I share the knowledge God gives me with the people. Through spoken word, and through my books, booklets, articles and brochures, I bring to them highly beneficial for their souls information.

My insights into God’s Greatness are based on the Holy Bible alone. They are original and highly enlightening. The stories/examples provided in my books, and the poems, are also original.

Please read my books without fear, hesitation, or reservation. When you read them:

  • You’ll know who God is. [Evidence of his existence is provided.]
  • You’ll know where Heaven is located. [Heaven is not the sky or the Cosmos.]
  • You’ll know who the citizens of Heaven are and what they do. [There is the law and the duties of Heaven. Would you like to know what they are?]
  • You’ll know what the true beginning of humanity is. [People have not descended from monkeys or from some primeval life form.]
  • You’ll know what the authentic God’s Gospel is. [Jesus Christ has not wiped out people’ past, present and future sins on the cross.]
  • You’ll know what the future holds. [You’ll get to know what the signs of the end are, and what the warning of the oncoming Apocalypse is about.]
Writing on spiritual subjects, on mind matters which concern us all, is my pleasure.
I hope you will read my books with an open mind and understand that which is ‘beyond the physical’.

These are my most recent books:


You may download the books to your computer for your personal study, and you may share them with other people, who like you seek God, provided my Copyright as a writer is respected and the conditions outlined below observed:

You will not alter or change anything that is in my books. You will not promote the information my books contain in conjunction with other beliefs. You will not sell [or resell] the books. They have to be given to others free of charge. Freely you have received, freely give.

If you would like to have more information on what’s in my books, go to my promotional pages, “For the Love of Mankind” and “The Prophets of God know”.